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President Trump Signs the HBCU Executive Order

UC-HBCU Initiative

The University of California’s reputation as a premier research and teaching institution rests on its capacity to attract and retain students and scholars who reflect the rich diversity of California and the nation. At the graduate level, African Americans/Blacks are the most underrepresented group in relation to their U.S. population, averaging only 2.8% of UC’s academic doctoral program enrollment from 2010-2014. The UC-HBCU Initiative seeks to improve the representation of this population in UC graduate programs, particularly Ph.D. programs, by investing in relationships and efforts between UC faculty and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

Historically Black Colleges and Universities have long played a distinct role in providing educational opportunities for those previously excluded from education. The first HBCU was established in 1837, with most other institutions established after the American Civil War. Currently there are 105 HBCUs serving more than 300,000 students. HBCUs are a diverse resource for intellectual collaborations and partnerships and offer great potential for enhancing the diversity of UC graduate application and enrollment pools. 

To the credit of the University of California Office of the President and UC Board of Regents, there is an existing Graduate Division UC-HBCU Initiative at UCLA. As announced on UCLA’s website, African American students from around the country are preparing for graduate studies in fields where minority scholars are underrepresented. Therefore, integrating The Jack Roosevelt “Jackie” Robinson Institute of Sports Management at UCLA, in partnership with HBCUs, would transition smoothly to increase the opportunity for inclusion and diversity in the $75 billion per year sports industry.

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