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The iconic University of the ’Hood stained glass window
Mae Gordon: “The Wind Beneath My Wings”

We all must unite as one people in the name of love. God made only one race of people–The human race!

To be sure: the Creator created one race—the human race—out of Africa, and to date science has postulated that to be fact by means of the Human Genome Project which reveals we are all one. However, notwithstanding  our understanding of the facts, we use the term “race” as a means of communication. But to be clear: based on current scientific evidence, all humans are 99.9 percent the same. Race designation by the color of one’s skin is a fallacious man-made construct; not the Creator’s!

Carl Gordon: “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?”

The following videos reflects the indomitable spirit of America and that of the University of the ’Hood


Mae Gordon dba University of the ’Hood and Carl Gordon, MPA, University of Southern California, co-founder and first steward of University of the ’Hood

The year of the authorship and publishing of this site marks my 54th year of being in love with and having courted and married my wonderful, supportive wife, friend, and partner, Mae—the mother of my three remarkable children and the love of my life. Mae and I were married in the inner city of Los Angeles (Watts) in 1964. I was 18 and Mae was 16 when we married. No, it was not a shotgun wedding; she was not pregnant. It was that once-in-a-lifetime pure love thing. And it still is. However, she told me the first time (as crazy-in-love teenagers), “If you do, you’re going to marry me.” I did, and the rest has been a beautiful friendship and love affair. I must confess she has always been smarter than me. Mae knew what her prime directive was from day one and taught me—Educate, Procreate and Educate.


God’s Angel watching over us.

Mae has been a part of the UC family for over 17 years.

Mae is part of the UC family as a 17-year (staff) employee of UCLA. Mae is an alumna of the USC Thornton School of Music (30 units shy of her degree). Mae’s entire public 30-year working career has been spent in the cancer research field—two stints with USC Health Sciences Campus, one with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and two with UCLA. Mae’s employment with UCLA was in the division of Hematology/Oncology. Over Mae’s 17 years of employment with UCLA in the division, she has held varying assignments as an administrative specialist.

Mae has also utilized her knowledge and skills in grant writing and packaging medical research grants. Mae has worked as the fellowship coordinator for the Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Program under the leadership of Dr. Fairooz Kabbinavar and the world-renowned and highly respected oncologist Dr. Dennis J. Slamon, chief of the division of Hematology/Oncology at UCLA. As the fellowship coordinator, Mae was responsible for managing functions and events for the UCLA Fellowship Program.

One such event was the Winter Workshop and Gala for the Hematology/Oncology Fellows at the swanky Bel Air Hotel. Above is a photograph that captures beautiful moments made possible by the support of Dr. Slamon and Dr. Kabbinavar and the extraordinary planning and attention to detail by Mae. I was in attendance to support her work. As Bryan Adams asks in his song, “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?” My answer: man, I really, really love this woman. For 54 years we’ve been watched over by God’s Angel, as in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”


I am Carl Gordon, the lead author of this request and co-chief architect—along with Mae—of the Jackie Robinson proposal. I’m a proud product of the inner cities of Los Angeles County (Watts and Compton) and of public education (K-12) and a former PhD candidate (USC). I earned my B.A. degree in cinema concurrently with my MPA degree (USC) in 1975. I am an inventor and a former U.S. patent holder U.S. Patent No. 4,095,274. The working name was the 

Calorie Computer it was subsequently, renamed the Nutrition Information Center (NIC). It was an apparatus for determining the nutritional content value in food and correlating calories expended during exercise for the management of diet and weight control in humans. The thinking behind the NIC in 1975 was ahead of the explosive diabetes epidemic in America. We saw the future. To view the patent go to http://bit.ly/2vjfHWw

If I had to describe myself in one word it would be: Visionary